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What is Privileged Account Security

Privileged accounts or super user accounts are accounts that usually have access to all aspects of the IT infrastructure, information and data that others users are not privy to. Privileged account security deals with monitoring and managing these privileged accounts ensuring that there are customized policies and processes to ensure that there are no breaches in privileged accounts.

Hackers and unlawful individuals that want access to the enterprise primarily try to target the privileged accounts as they can get access to a treasure trove of information about the enterprise and also about its customers. There can also be internal breaches were employees might try to seek data that they are not authorized to. The idea of Privileged account security is to ensure that all the above scenarios are stopped before they happen!

Unique Performance helps manage Privileged account security by ensuring active privileged password management. This is done through the CyberArk software which is the leading provider of Enterprise security software and solutions.

Audit and Compliance

Organizations and Governments across the world are insisting on regular audits to verify user behavior and to ensure that there are no data breaches. Many organizations do this as a part of the compliance requirements (Ex: SOX compliance). We help organizations audit for privileged account security using our specialized tool that gives out
a) Privileged accounts and passwords used throughout the organization.
b) The password age for each privileged account
c) Any SSH keys in the organization and the SSH key relationship

This helps in tracking users, monitoring when the passwords are used and why and the user behavior. This would help detect any possible misuse at a very early stage and in many cases avoid it. All the above data would also be used from a compliance perspective. Based on the requirement, each of the activities can be shown at a granular level.

Our Execution Process

  • Step 1: Audit network infrastructure on Password/SSH Keys security
  • Step 2 : Provide comprehensive and integrated reports on privileged accounts and privileged session activities to address questions necessary to pass an IT audit
  • Step 3 : Run a Proof of concept to explain capabilities of Privileged account management solutions
  • Step 4: Enforce an enterprise security policy around privileged account behavior which is flexible enough to meet granular audit needs (e.g. how often a privileged credential should change, password complexity)
  • Step 5 : Manage privileged users and control privileged account access to authorized individuals only and restrict rights based on “a need to know”
  • Step 6 : Protect audit records in tamper-proof storage against unauthorized access, modification or deletion of logs and Automate privileged account life cycle

Supported Platforms

To ensure organizations security, we work on all platforms to ensure Privileged account security. As this is the key to the enterprise, we support all types of websites and platforms. We can also custom build connectors for websites to ensure that we create automatic logins to help monitor it.

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