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Ensure the controls are in place to centrally secure, manage and monitor privileged

Audit and compliance standards worldwide recognize the risks associated with advanced persistent threats. Once malicious outsiders move inside the enterprise, they immediately seek to hijack privileged accounts to exploit the anonymity and vast access such accounts provide. Since privileged accounts give access to the heart of the enterprise.

Detailed monitoring and recording

CyberArk solutions are proven to help organizations meet the strictest audit and IT compliance requirements by putting privileged password management controls in place to centrally secure, manage and monitor privileged accounts to protect what really matters.

Privileged Account Security

Privileged accounts or super user accounts are accounts that usually have access to all aspects of the IT infrastructure, information and data that others users are not privy to. Privileged account security deals with monitoring and managing these privileged accounts ensuring that there are customized policies and processes to ensure that there are no breaches in privileged accounts.

Privileged Account Security
Least Privilege and Account Security

Least Privilege and Application Control

Least Privilege means to give access to a user the bare minimum privileges required to perform their tasks. This also means that only users that are required to access a particular resource have access to it. Application control is a practice that blocks or restricts applications from executing in ways that puts data at risk. The controls vary based on the application and also the business purpose.

Communication Solutions

Unified communication is the integration of all communication services including voice (IP telephones and mobile), web and video conferencing, call control, instant messaging, desktop sharing, email and fax among others. Unified communication is not a single product but a suite of products that work together to provide the user a consistent experience across devices and communication types.

Communication Solution

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