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IT Security Audit and Reporting

"Audit is a fact finding mission and not a fault finding mission"

Privileged accounts have unrestricted and anonymous access to all assets within the enterprise. This in many cases makes it very hard for auditors to produce reliable reports to understand what is happening in the enterprise. Every organization needs to know actions happening on the network and should know

  • Who is accessing privileged accounts
  • What actions are being performed using privileged accounts and why
  • When do individuals require privileged access

To know the above, organizations need to have the right processes and controls in place to ensure accountability. So, Organizations seek privileged password management solutions from a control perspective to monitor user activity and session recording among others to ensure individuals and specially privileged accounts are accountable for their actions.

We at Unique Performance use CyberArk’s Privileged Account Security solution to provide the most powerful and accurate PAM solution along with audit and reporting tools. We also set up the right processes in place using the accepted ISO 27002:2013 standards relating to privileged accounts.

Main Benefits of IT Security and Audit Reporting

Protect all system components across your information processing facilities

Decrease the cost of security reviews, audits and ISO 27002 certification

Confidently address IT audit requirements with automated enforcement of privileged account policies (e.g. frequency of privileged credential rotation, password complexity)

Increase situational awareness and visibility across your information processing facilities

Create accountability and control over privileged account usage

Implement ISO security controls and meet compliance requirements (e.g. HIPPA, SOX, NIST) related to securing privileged accounts

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