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Mitigate User Risk. Not Productivity.

As a global provider of cybersecurity governance solutions, Unique Performance helps companies with the safekeeping of digitally managed assets by continuously assessing, remediating, and monitoring the security of their information systems.

Detailed monitoring and recording

CyberArk solutions are proven to help organizations meet the strictest audit and IT compliance requirements by putting privileged password management controls in place to centrally secure, manage and monitor privileged accounts to protect what really matters.

Unique Performance has a rich history of bringing innovative cybersecurity, audit and compliance solutions to the marketplace.

IT Security Audit and Reporting

Privileged accounts have unrestricted and anonymous access to all assets within the enterprise. This in many cases makes it very hard for auditors to produce reliable reports to

Implementation Services

In today’s collaborative environment, organizations must support a range of end-users accessing privilege accounts including third party vendors, contractors, temporary employess

Features & Benefits

Advanced Threat Analytics
Advance Threat Analytics

Correlate low-level data from a variety of BeyondTrust and third-party solutions to uncover critical threats.

Malware Analysis
Malware Analysis

Correlate system activity against a contantly updated malware database.

Unmatched Reporting & Analytics
Unmatched Reporting & Analytics

Report on compliance, benchmarks, threat analytics, what-if scenarios, resource requirements, and more.

Discovery & Profiling
Discovery & Profiling

Locate and profile network(local & remote), web, mobile, cloud and virtual assets, as well as privileged accounts.

Want Visibility & Control?