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About Us

Unique Performance – Your trusted partner in Cyber Security

For more than eight years, Unique Performance, headquartered in Bangalore, has been helping organizations and governments to manage and protect their digitally managed assets! As a trusted ally to organizations worldwide, Unique Performance continues to work with the changing IT landscape and is adding to its portfolio of solutions to ensure that its customers get the very best solutions to take care of their cyber security and communication requirements while reducing the complexities associated with Cyber Governance.

As a thinking and evolving firm, Unique performance works in the areas of Cyber security and unified communication. From a cyber security perspective, Unique Performance is dedicated to proactively eliminating data breaches from insider privilege abuse and external hacking attacks. Corporates and government organizations working with Unique Performance have been able to shrink their attack surfaces and have been able to identify threats proactively. The company’s state of the art integrated risk intelligence platform gives organizations the ability to reveal critical risks hidden within exabytes of user and system data.

From the communications perspective, Unique performance is dedicated to providing an integrated communications platform which enhances user productivity and increases customer satisfaction, both of which in turn directly affects the company’s bottom line! These platforms which require almost no end user training would definitely increase employee satisfaction and productivity.

Unique Performance also works in the areas of Cyber Governance issues that include Oversight and validation of audit readiness for internal as well as external policies, industry and/or government regulations, safe keeping of confidential information, trade secrets, intellectual property, critical infrastructure and other digitally managed assets.

Why Unique Performance Techsoft Pvt Ltd?

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Six year of experience in Enterprise security, IP telephony and telecom solutions for small, medium and enterprise contact center solutions.

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Successful partnership with leading telecom vendors.

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Engineers with multiple back grounds can support in various technologies at one roof.

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Experience in various using API’s of leading telecom solutions to maximize customizations.

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Success SLA track of 99.98% with our customers.

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24/7 global support

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Engineers certified from leading Enterprise security and telecom vendors.

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Excellent after sales support and survey campaigns to increse customer satisfication.

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Dedicated in-house development team for customization solutions. Lowest total cost of ownership.

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