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Unified Communication

Unified communication is the integration of all communication services including voice (IP telephones and mobile), web and video conferencing, call control, instant messaging, desktop sharing, email and fax among others. Unified communication is not a single product but a suite of products that work together to provide the user a consistent experience across devices and communication types.

Whether you require a single site equipment or a state of the art multi site contact center with desktop and phone integration hosted on the cloud, our experts at Unique Performance will guide you. The team that has supported organizations of various sizes across the country will bring its expertise to cater to your unique requirement.

Contact Center

The face of an organization to the customer is the contact center and the service desk. The contact center faces the customers on a minute by minute basis, solving their problems and in the process understanding their issues creating a chance to cross sell or up sell. So, a contact center that is readily available at all points in time is of paramount importance

We at Unique Performance understand this requirement and have tied up with the very best contact center solutions provider, Shoretel! Our offerings with Shoretel includes flexible contact centers for small organizations to state of the art systems that has routing, self-service options and campaign management that might be suitable for a large organization. All of this comes along with redundancy and virtualization built in so that there is no downtime from an organization point of you. This can be further enhanced with high availability and disaster recovery features of Shoretel’s contact center solutions.

Application Integration

Imagine having to switch 5 applications and 10 screens while talking to a customer. It would be a literal nightmare! This is where shoretel’s application integration can come in where the CRM, ERP and other critical applications are integrated to help improve productivity by providing seamless view of the required data while providing reports at the click of a button. These integrations help improve customer satisfaction and shorten response times to customers while improving employee productivity which directly affects the company’s bottom line.

As there are numerous business applications that are being used, Shoretel provides open API’s to integrate these applications so that the customer can have the flexibility of designing their workflows to improve productivity.


Mobility image

Mobile communication offers businesses many advantages. From helping employees access their emails to working on applications on the go, mobile communications have revolutionized every aspect of our lives. To ensure that the businesses make the best use of this revolution, Shoretel has designed its Shoretel connect mobility app that helps businesses of all sizes to integrate their employees’ smartphones and tablets to the existing company’s phone network. Employees can opt for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and can stay connected from any location from across the world on any network! All of this is done while keeping the work and professional calls separate.

With Shoretel’s bleeding edge product, calls dropped due to building design and materials that inhibit cellular radio transmission are a thing of the past. ShoreTel Connect helps your organization take control of in-building coverage problems by leveraging Wireless LAN networks to provide wireless coverage across your entire enterprise. Similarly the app gives video conferencing with room-based systems, peer-to-peer video, web conferencing, calendar access, CRM integration, instant messaging, and presence as well as desk phone features like extension dialing, conference calling, company directory, hold, and call transfer.


Distributed teams that are working across the world is a reality today and so is the need for them to work together. To help organizations achieve this, we have some of the very best collaboration tools. These tools which include instant messaging, reservationless audio conferencing, multi-presentor desktop sharing among others helps effortless collaboration across multi-site teams.

Imagine your team being able to conference at the drop of a hat where a marketing executive being able to share her desktop with a finance team member, both of whom are regular users, without asking the IT to help them! This is the kind of effortless collaboration that we are talking about with our Shoretel Connect’s collaboration tools. There are no additional software downloads nor heavy training. The collaboration suite is intuitive, easy to learn and users can be self-reliant from the word go. For example, pressing the “Conference” button on the Microsoft Outlook can transform a mere calendar appointment into a multi-media work session automatically creating dial-in numbers and web sharing information!

Our Execution Process

We at Unique performance can help organizations in ways that suit the organization requirements. Our process and system implementation can be customized based on the customer requirements and the infrastructure. The following would be our typical steps

  • Step1: We evaluate the network and verify if the network is fit for IP Telephony
  • Step2: Based on the organization’s requirement and growth needs, we suggest and identify applications that needs to be implemented
  • Step3: We architect the network based on the enterprise requirement for multi branch office scenarios. Every aspect of the enterprise is taken into consideration which includes SOHO setup and mobile users
  • Step4: The recommended solutions are installed, integrated and tested
  • Step5: The entire IT team that manages and monitors the solutions are trained on the entire product portfolio
  • Step6: The team then monitors the progress in the background always being available for support and ongoing maintenance

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