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VoIP Readiness

VoIP provide significantly higher returns and a lower TCO. Customers quickly realize the advantage of cutting down their telephone costs significantly while enhancing the services that they consume. So, there is a very strong demand for VoIP services from all business categories. Savvy customers usually want their entire organization move towards VoIP. But before VoIP solutions can be implemented, the network infrastructure should be evaluated to verify if it is ready for IP Telephony. This is where our skilled professionals come into picture and can help you understand if your organization is ready for IP Telephony. This can be for one office or multiple offices across geographies.

VOIP Readiness Test process

  • Simulate VOIP traffic to do network assessment
  • Test MPLS connection and codec recommendation for VOIP
  • Test latency, jitter and MOS score to analyze the network performance
  • Reporting on analysis about the network and recommended solutions
  • Active heat-map testing across Wi-Fi coverage area.
  • Provides comprehensive analysis with recommendations for con guration enhancements to the WLAN network as needed.
  • Provide comprehensive analysis with recommendations for con guration enhancements as needed.

Every aspect of the network and its backbone connectivity is verified whether it is for a single office of for multiple offices and a detailed analysis with possible solutions are made so that you can make an informed choice on the next steps. Get in touch with us today to take the next steps in reducing your costs with VoIP!

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