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Contact Center Technology Consulting

Contact Center Technology Consulting

Being able to talk to customers, be it to listen to their compliments or to be able to help them trouble shoot their problems, is one of the most important aspects of a business. This is where a good contact center comes into picture. A contact center would be the interface of an organization to its customers and in some cases to the external world. It is of paramount importance that the CC is up and running at the stated capacity at all times of operation. This helps customers and the stakeholders are able to get in touch with the teams as promised by the company in its service levels.

Setting up a contact center would involve many aspects including the IT Infrastructure, the network, CRM, communications aspects and above all, the compliance as required by the customers and/or laws of the land. Having done this for multiple large customers, our nimble and agile team can help you in every aspect of this process. Some of the steps we take care of, include the following

  • Sizing the servers and hardware requirements for call center
  • Setup IT infrastructure required to start the call center.
  • Identify the solutions which need to be built around the call center solutions.
  • Identify the integration point to any CRM or customers’ existing solutions.
  • Consulting about TRAI regulations and how to setup call centers with compliance with government regulations.

We first understand the requirements from your organization and work with your core team to look at every minute aspect to size the IT infrastructure. Once the sizing is complete, the right IT infrastructure is recommended. We can then set up the infrastructure at every level from the hardware to the network and desktops to start the contact center operations. Integration points with the existing or a new CRM would also be done so that valuable customer data and experience is stored and managed. To know more about our solutions, get in touch with us right away!

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Find out right tools for your contact centre to increase productivity and learn more on TRAI regulation to become compliant with Laws